Marketing Manager

3iCons is looking for passionate, organized and goal oriented Marketing Managers.
    Implementation of marketing plans, including product positioning, campaign strategies, and market strategy insights.
    Discovery of strategic business opportunities through cross function collaboration with sales, HR, etc.
    Marketing opportunity for revenue.
    Provide product/service support in order to establish proper channels of information and communication.
    Responsible for branding, advertising, trade shows, company events and promotional collateral.
    Work with management on projects dealing with media relations, business communications, success stories.
  • Job Description
    Marketing managers work to promote the services or products of their clients. They work for marketing or advertising firms, schools, nonprofit organizations or within the in-house marketing departments of large companies. These professionals conceive and analyze marketing strategies, brainstorm ways to direct business toward their clients, oversee market research and stay on top of products and services that are or will be in demand. They also might help clients price their goods or services.
  • Qualifications
    Bachelor's degree in marketing or related field
  • Other Requirements
    Several years' experience in the field
  • Number of Vacancies :-
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