About Us

Offering unforgettable culinary experience in their inimitable style, Shahji’s has become a household name in the world of caterers and banqueters. With some of the most exotic and implausible cuisines on platter, They have continuously evolved over the years bringing the best of east and west together at your behest.

Shahji’s Rajdhani caterers take pride in their esteemed clientele and look forward to being a part of your own special occasion. They assure you make it a treasured memory that will be permanently etched in your mind.

For over a decade, Shahji's mission has been to provide you with a rewarding experience. They accomplish this by using the freshest foods and the finest ingredients providing quality services that will exceed your expectations.

Our large network of associates and partners help them to provide a world class execution on large scale for your special occasions.
  • Date: Jan 10, 2016
  • Fields: Catering Services
  • Client: Jaydeep Manchanda
  • URL: www.shahjis.com